Wednesday, April 20, 2005


PICT0080 @Ravann, Mrs. Ravann Mey (from Cambodia)
"Ravann" is the shop for TEA-LOVERs. Also, if you are looking for something Japanese/Oriental cups, dishes and tea tools, this is the spot to go in Vevey.
Bambina goes there when she needs to buy presents for her friends or families. She tells the owner her budjets and the owner, Mrs. Ravann Mey, chooses just right things for Bambina's demand. There are many different kinds of TEA from Japan, China, India etc etc... You will enjoy the moment to choose! By the way, the shop also has the traditional tea from Argentina "MATE" and special cups for it.

Boutique RAVANN : Rue du Theatre 5 - 1800 Vevey
Tel: 021 922 20 14

いつも笑顔で接客してくださる Mrs. Ravann Mey に今日の予算と機会を伝えると、それに合うようにプレゼントを選んでくれます。また、このお店には日本の食器、茶器、お箸など品揃えが豊富で、"日本の文化"を伝えたい贈り物はここで購入しています。また、ここにはアルゼンチンを代表する"マテ茶"とそれを飲むための特別なカップも売っています。アルゼンチン出身のお友達、ナタリアもこれにはびっくり!
所在地: Rue du Theatre 5 - 1800 Vevey
     電 話: 021 922 20 14

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