Thursday, April 14, 2005

がーるずないと。Girls Night!

 Well, while boys were eating Pasta at home, Girls were having so much fun!!! About 28 girls gathered at a house and chatted, ate and drunk. Sounds pretty normal party, doesn't it? BUT... later the night, a special guest showed up in front of girls! He looked a fire-fighter, but 10minutes later, he was almost almost naked! Yes, we had a stripper guest!
In case if anyone needs to avoid seeing pics of naked man, I would choose harmless pics for ya!
Anyway, the party was very fun and Bambina really enjoy talking to all these career women from all over the world!
Thanks alot for organizing the party, girls!

girls night2

girls night3

旦那様が男同士でパスタを食べているころ、Bambinaは”がーるず ないと”におでかけ。28人のがーるず がお友達の家に大集合。
食べて、飲んで、おしゃべりして…。ごく普通の "がーるず ほーむ ぱーてぃ" が、午後10時をまわったころに、一変!マッチョな消防士(の格好)をしたManが出現!10分後にはたくましい肉体が目の前に!がーるず達はみんな”キャー”と叫びっぱなし…。そう、”がーるず ないと”用に友達がストリッパーの男性を準備していたのです。
 企画してくれた がーるず に Merci!

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