Sunday, April 17, 2005

Isn't it April? えっ、4月って春よね!?


april snow


Whaaaaaattttt!!!!???? When we woke up in this morning, we both screamed!
What is this!?!? We stood in front of a big window for a while, without saying anything.
It was all white outside.... it must have been snowing all night along... and still it is snowing. It is 17th April... something is wrong!!! We were in the middle of happy spring... then now, we were back in winter.
 Even our Swiss neighbors were surprised by this weather. Only kids were happy to play with snow...
However, this heavy Spring snow caused a lot of damages in the ville, Vevey. Tress were broken because their green leaves carried much snow on themselves, and could not stand up to the weight. Now, we know the logic why trees have no leaves during a winter. Cute Tulips are all under snow....



”ぎゃ〜!何これ〜!!!???” BambinaとManuの日曜の朝は悲鳴で始まりました。

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