Saturday, April 02, 2005

最初のブログ。La Vita.

The wind is still a little bit chilly, but it is warm enough to enjoy La Felice Vita.
We walked to Place-du-Marche´ to see what kinds of vegetables and fruits were ready for our spring life.
Since we were hungry, we stopped by a Vietnamian-stand to have a noodle dish.
Late afternoon, we stopped by a lake-side bar. We had a few drinks under the blue sky.
Being a bit buzz, we came home and started cooking for dinner. Brazilian BEEF!!! Buono Buono!
Manuel made a Balsamico sauce. It went very good with the beef. Ah, also strawberries from the market
became our dessert with balsamico vinegar, sugar and lemon. If you want to try it, enjoy it with Vanilla ice cream!
Now, we are relaxing with chill out music.
We are wondering how our Felice Vita will be tomorrow....

Today's wine: from Sardegna, Italy.- Le Sabbie   


ワインの銘柄- Le Sabbie -
明日は、どんなLa Felice Vitaになるのかな…

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