Saturday, April 09, 2005

雨にも負けず。Rain? so what?



Our niece, Ali, arrived in Vevey from Lyon, France at 14:00. It was cold, raining hard and windy... It was a very depressing day and wasn't a perfect day to introduce Vevey to our niece. Manu had to go to work, so Bambina accompanied Ali. Bambina and Ali visited the CAMERA MUSEUM in Vevey. They studied the History of Camera, from the invention of Camera to the latest technologies. If you like cameras and photos, you better visit this place. Well, I bet Bambina's father will love this place for sure.
Later, Manu & Marcin joined Bambina & Ali to have pizzas before going to a house-warming party. Then we headed to Lausanne to join the party! Bambina cooked Dorma (arabic apetizer) for the party and it became a good plate to fill some hungry people. It was a quite big party... absolutely, more than 30 people were there. It was nice cultual mix night as well. Let's see, where they are from in the picture...PICT0025from Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Japan... There were more people out side of the pic, India, Norway, Polish, Etas-Unis, England, France, Swiss...etc. We did not get a chance to talk to all of them, but it was very nice night. We are already looking forward to having another good party, soon!

 By the way, a Mexican lady asked Bambina about the movie "Lost in Translation". The lady wanted to know if everything was true or not. We would say, many of parts were true and we felt the same when we were how those 2 characters felt in Japan.

 夜はビザを食べた後、ローザンヌでお友達のHOUSE-WARMING PARTY(新しいお家に引っ越したら、パーティーをします。)に参加。Bambinaはパーティー用にお手製アラブ料理の前菜「ドルマ」を持参。かなり好評でよかったよかった。写真に写っているのはコロンビア、メキシコ、ドイツ、イタリア、日本の仲間。他にもインド、ポーランド、アメリカ、イギリス、フランス、スイス(イタリア語圏)などの多国籍。公用語は英語だけど、スペイン語・フランス語・イタリア語・ドイツ語も飛び交います。姪っ子のアリス(彼女もトリリンガル)はそんな国際色豊かなパーティーでいろいろな国の人に出会って、話が出来てとても楽しんでいました。学生の世界とは違い、社会人として国際社会にいる彼らのスマートな心配りにきっと学ぶことも多かったはずです。
 話は変わりますが、映画”Lost in Translation”「ロスト イン トランスレーション」についてのコメントをメキシコ出身のコニーに聞かれました。映画の内容って本当なの?ってね。この映画は日本の文化と現在の様子を自然に描いていて、主演の二人が感じる日本の空気と同じものを私たちも感じたよって。答えました。

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