Saturday, April 30, 2005

シャルジャの窓から。From Sharjah.

Mosque Sharjah. シャルジャのモスク
A view from Tarek's APT.タレックの窓から見える景色。

I think that everyone feels strange when you are somewhere different from your daily-life. When I woke up and saw this view, I felt absolutely strange but in a nice way.... (photo by Bambina)
We heard prayers everyday from the mospue... they start praying around 4:00 a.m.

Almost everything is written in Arabic and English in Dubai. There is an IKEA in Deira City Center. ドバイのほとんど全ての表記はアラビア語と英語。デイラシティーセンターに隣接するIKEA(日本には2006年、関東にオープン予定)の看板もご覧のとおり。

Tarek came home at noon to give us a ride. Dubai... You have to have a car to go around or take taxi. There is a public bus system but I would be crazy to be stuck in such a heavy traffic everyday. Everyday in the morning, at noon and evening... all 5-6 car laines are filled up cars cars cars....
Anyway, today is Saturday but our friend, Tarek, is working. He will work tomorrow as well. Why? Because Islamic countrys' holiday is FRIDAY! got it?


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