Wednesday, April 06, 2005

私のクリーニング屋さん。Mon Nettoyage

Here is the photo that Bambina took today. Do you know where it is? It is le nettoyage (if you are familiar with French, you know what it means), it is a dry-cleanig shop in Vevey.
Bambina goes to this nettoyage once a week and she enjoys going there. Why? Because the madame in the photo is always kind and gives Bambina a chance to talk in French as much as she can. The madame must be patient ....
Anyway, there are several nettoyage in Vevey, but Bambina goes this one since we moved to this town. The nettoyage locates across from the fire department, it is on Rue du Clos, in Vevey. The madame and Bambina seem always enjoy talking to each other even though Bambina's French is not good enough, yet. The madame also has an Italian husband, who came from Belgamo. Actually, Belgamo is the town where Manu grew up. The World is small, isn't it? However, the madame helps Bambina's French conversation as well as takes care our clothes. There are dry-cleaning shops in supermarkets, but if you want to enjoy local life, you better go to this nettoyage. Then you can see the smile! Merci madame!
場所ですが、VEVEY図書館の通り、Rue du Clos。消防署の斜め前です。

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