Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pour des Chiens. お犬さま。


 It is raining today and cold. So, we assume that dogs are not happy either. Dogs...yes, you will see many many dogs in this city, small one and big one... Well, since this is the perfect place for dogs' walk, there are many these green boxes in the town. These boxes are for your doggys in case of their No.2. There are black plastic bags on top of the box, so use them and throw them away into the green box.
Here is another photo,

our sister's dog, Lilly, and her DOG PASSPORT. When they visited Switzerland from Italy, Lilly had to have a vaccine shot and had to make this passport. Moreover, she had to put a microchip in her body.

Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (SFVO) (英語表記あり)を参考にしてください。

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